Who We Are

Committed to Our Clients, Their Caregivers, and Our Community

A non-profit organization, and United Way partner agency, serving Wisconsin’s greater Fox Valley, Covey is committed to creating opportunities for individuals with disabilities and their families. Since 1954, we have used our knowledge, compassion, and caring nature to help our clients achieve their highest potential. 

Our care is customized to each individual. We work carefully and creatively with our clients to determine what environment and activities are best for their needs. We are flexible and accommodate in-home care as well as out-of-home care in our respite house. Through creative and interactive skill building programs, education, and volunteering, we empower clients ages 18-64 to discover their passions, pursue their dreams, and truly believe that the sky’s the limit! 

We love to partner with the community. If you know of any opportunities, or if you would like to check out our programs, please connect with us. 

A covey client doing a puzzle.

What is a Covey?

A covey is a small group of birds. They stay together throughout their lives for protection and comfort. As a group, they are stronger and safer; they are able to do things they couldn’t do alone.

At Covey, the participants, staff, and caregivers believe in creating possibilities, and we believe in doing it together.

Birds of a Feather

We are a community of passionate individuals––clients, staff, caregivers, and volunteers––working together to create possibilities. We chose the feather to represent our organization, because a feather:

Is Rare. Found only on birds, every feather has a unique and inimitable pattern.

Provides Warmth and Protection. One isn’t enough, but together, they can weather storms.

Creates Possibilities. Feathers empower birds to fly high and explore greater opportunities.

Our feather represents protection, individuality, and opportunity. One feather on its own is beautiful, but together, we can accomplish so much more.

This video has music playing in the background the entire ti...

This video has music playing in the background the entire time. The music starts loud and then fades into the background so that you can hear Kathy Lett and Pam Schutz talking.

The video starts with the text What is Covey surrounded by several drawings of feathers shown on the screen.

A distant shot that zooms in on two young adult boys with disabilities using the swings on a playground.

We hear Kathy Lett, a former Board Member & Volunteer speak: “When I think of what Covey is I think of a unique family of individuals that essentially partner with clients and families to provide the best possible resource to help them achieve whatever their particular goals are.”

A close up shot of a group of adults with disabilities cooking together in a kitchen.

We hear Kathy Lett continue to speak: “So for example, if a client has a goal to reach greater independence, certainly those life enrichment skills help an individual move forward in that. Or if, for example, it's a family who needs to be re-energized or re-focused on caring for their loved one then the respite house is a great resource that they can lean on for that.”

A close up shot of children and adults with disabilities doing puzzles and playing games inside.

We hear Pam Schutz, Chief Executive Officer, speak: “When you look at Covey's programs and when you think about Covey, the core of everything we do is to empower individuals with disabilities and their families to fully engage in the community.”

A close up shot of a group of adults with disabilities at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

We hear Pam Schutz continue to speak: “Every program that we develop or grow has that ultimate core. We design around that mission. We continually look at what services might we develop that will help us further that mission.”

A distant show of a group of young adults with disabilities swimming at an indoor pool.

We hear Kathy Lett speak again: “To the ability that you can grow a community where people live and work in a place where every individual regardless of ability has the access to become the best they can be that helps the entire community.”

A distant shot of adults and kids with disabilities riding bikes inside a school gym.

We hear Kathy Lett continue speaking: “And so recognizing that sometimes those resources are not readily known or available helps an individual understand how critical Covey can be to those families and plans.”

A close up shot of a young adult boy with disabilities painting a picture while sitting outside.

We hear Pam Schutz speak again: “Ultimately, I'd love for it to be a world that doesn't notice differences. A world where our clients, people with disabilities, are accepted and involved in the community just like anybody else.”

We hear the background music get louder and we see the Covey logo appear on screen, bringing the video to an end.

Core Values

Our core values guide us, and we’re proud to say we live them out each and every day. They help us stay focused on our mission: Creating opportunities that foster personal growth.


We create more fair and equitable access to opportunities, by strengthening relationships to foster greater understanding between the broader community and those connected to Covey.


We do what is in the best interest of our clients, their families and our staff.


We see the person first. We relate in a way that recognizes and values the uniqueness of the individual, allowing all to feel safe to be who they are.


We dream big and find unique solutions.

Our Team

Meet Our Board

Our board members are our ultimate volunteers. They share their time, talents, and experience with Covey to help us grow and make a positive impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities, their families, and the greater community.

The true passion the staff has for what they do has surprised me the most. They don’t just check boxes, and you can tell that this isn’t just a job for most of them. They live and breathe Covey’s mission in everything that they do.

Laura Balliet, Covey Volunteer and Former Board President

Connect With Us

Together and with help from our friends––that’s you––we can create possibilities for individuals with disabilities. Connect with us today and learn about all the opportunities Covey has to offer. We can’t wait to meet you!