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Board Members

Our Ultimate Volunteers

Our board members are our ultimate volunteers. They share their time, talents, and experience with Covey to help us grow and make a positive impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities, their families, and the greater community.

Read their bios and you’ll discover that every one of our board members has a personal connection to someone with disabilities. Therefore, it is with heartfelt sincerity that they help Covey establish a sustainable future so we can further our mission of creating opportunities for personal growth.

Board Members

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A headshot of Laura Balliet.

Laura Balliet (President)

A headshot of Elly Heuring.

Elly Heuring (Vice President)

A headshot of Jeffrey Ahrens.

Jeffrey Ahrens (Secretary/ Treasurer)

A headshot of Bruce Valk.

Bruce Valk

A headshot of Chad Wade.

Chad Wade

A headshot of Cheryl Sina.

Cheryl Sina

A headshot of Erin Dankwardt.

Erin Dankwardt

A headshot of Joe Thompson.

Joe Thompson

A headshot of Mallory Cornelius.

Mallory Cornelius

A headshot of Mary Gietman Schellinger.

Mary Gietman Schellinger

A headshot of Scott Jennings.

Scott Jennings