Community Based Programs

The Key to Community and Personal Growth

Through community engagement programs, individuals with disabilities grow relationships within their community and share their gifts as contributing members of society. Community engagement is especially important for adults with disabilities because it breaks down barriers and gives them opportunities to progress toward greater independence and overall happiness. We focus on encouraging clients to interact with one another and the greater community through building relationships, engaging in meaningful activities, and providing volunteer opportunities.

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A covey client smiling outside with a parent.

Covey Connects

Covey Connects is a hybrid program in which individuals are encouraged to explore creative outlets, discover new passions, and build friendships virtually and in-person. From watercolor classes to cooking, yoga, gaming, and other activities, individuals with disabilities learn new skills and are invited to share their talents with one another. Learn more about our three categories of classes.

Our Covey Connects Program


Volunteering is an important part of who we are. Through volunteering at local businesses, individuals with disabilities gain valuable life experience, develop social and technical skills, and open doors to opportunities that foster personal growth.

Our Volunteering Program

Community-Based Day Services

Our individualized Community-Based Day Services program is designed to foster personal growth and confidence in adults with disabilities. Through exploring new interests, building practical skills, and getting involved in local events, this program allows people of all skills and abilities to form positive relationships in the community!

Our Day Services Program

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