What Is Covey Connects?

Our Covey Connects Program

Are you looking for your loved one to connect with others and learn social development skills from the comfort and security of your own home? We thought so. You and your loved one––and people just like you––are our motivation for launching our brand new Covey Connects program.

Loneliness is a major threat to individuals with disabilities. It can lead to depression, a loss of self worth, and other negative side effects. Our recent blog post Loneliness: What it Means for Individuals with Disabilities and How You Can Help explores the causes of loneliness in individuals with disabilities and the solutions Covey presents.

While dealing with COVID-19, we’ve realized that just because we can’t be physically together, doesn’t mean we can’t connect. It’s important that we continue working toward a more inclusive community, and that we maintain our momentum in our mission of empowering individuals with disabilities and their loved ones to achieve greater independence. That’s how we came up with Covey Connects, a series of virtual classes taught by friendly, knowledgeable, and engaging instructors who are experts in diverse subject matter.

The Covey Connects curriculum focuses on two primary areas of development: Life Enrichment and Adult Day Services (A.D.S.).

Our Life Enrichment Program

Our Life Enrichment program aspires to expand the social network of each participant and teach valuable skills in working toward greater independence. Participants broaden their horizons through diverse interaction and educational experiences.

Life Enrichment Activities

  • Internet safety
  • Protection from viruses and malware
  • Safe and appropriate use of social media
  • Music and arts
  • Baking

Our Adult Day Services Program

A.D.S. is a series of structured lessons that focus on a range of goals and skills for the participant to work on throughout the program. Each participant, guided by the Covey team, will come up with goals to be tracked daily by the coordinator, and also includes a monthly report.

Adult Day Service Activities

  • Independent Living Skills
  • Mobility Skills
  • Social, Emotional, and Personal Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Community Access and Integration

Our first two classes, Beginning Watercolors taught by artist Tim Roybal and I’ve Got the Music In Me led by Courtney Gansmann, have been a major success! We are so thankful for our incredible volunteers who donated their time and talents to teach. From watercolor painting to music around the world, online safety, mobility, and more, our options are truly limitless when we’ve got a flock of eager volunteers. Contact us today to join our team of volunteers!