The Covey Way: Beginning Our Next Chapter

Dear Friends,

We are excited to begin our next chapter the Covey Way. Our name may be new, but our passion for providing high-quality programs designed to empower our clients and their families to fully engage in our community remains just as strong. This new birth has allowed us to develop the Covey Way of supporting our clients, families, and staff. Our focus is solely on providing vital services to the highest quality of excellence. The benchmarks that we are using to guide us are successful client stays with our Respite Program, clients learning and using the skills taught in our Life Enrichment Programs, families feeling some much-needed relief knowing that their loved ones are in a safe and enriching environment, and finally staff being empowered to grow their careers with us as we build our new future.

We look forward to our future where the agency can focus on creating possibilities for our clients and their families to enrich our community with their many talents and passions.

Pam Schutz
Executive Director