The 8 Best Books for Family Caregivers

Caring for a loved one with intellectual or developmental disabilities can occupy almost every moment of your day. While this selfless act of care is rewarding, it can also be extremely challenging. Feeling overwhelmed, both physically and mentally, is not uncommon among family caregivers. 

Without advice, a support system, or at least somebody to relate to, caregiving can feel isolating. The following eight books can be incredible resources to help you cope with the day-to-day challenges that come with caregiving. 

  • Daily Comforts to Caregivers by Pat Samples

When caregiving gets overwhelming, this book offers gentle, daily affirmations and support for those who could use a little bit of guidance throughout their day. 

  • Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others by Lawrence M. Brammer

Covering many aspects of caregiving with examples, anecdotes, and humor, this book encourages family caregivers to provide the best care possible for their loved one, while still maintaining a good, fulfilling life of their own. 

  • Already Toast: Caregiving and Burnout in America by Kate Washington

Burnout is an extremely prevalent issue among family caregivers. After interviewing over 100 caregivers across America, the author reports high levels of stress, anxiety, and depression amongst them. This book follows the pathways of those who have built support networks and developed coping mechanisms—inspiring other caregivers to stay positive and hopeful while experiencing burnout. 

  • The Fearless Caregiver by Greg Barg

This book outlines an 8-step approach to caregiving, including themes of managing your loved one’s care plan, how to advocate for their needs, and how to maintain a healthy balance in your own life.

  • The Conscious Caregiver by Linda Abbit

Caring for a loved one can take a toll on the caregiver. This book isn’t shy about acknowledging the patience, hard work, and emotional stress that goes into this role. Linda Abbit explores a mindful approach to family caregiving, offering a compassionate and well-rounded guide to help caregivers through their hard times. 

  • Know the Night by Maria Mutch

This memoir outlines the incredible power of care and communication when it comes to feeling isolated. Written by a mother to a child with autism and Down syndrome, this book explores how to feel uplifted and enlightened throughout the difficult journey of caregiving for a loved one.

  • Be the Noodle: Fifty Ways to be a Compassionate, Courageous, Crazy-Good Caregiver by Lois Kelly

Using dark humor and personal anecdotes, this book uncovers the courageous power of stepping into the role of a caregiver without being trained or mentally prepared to do so. 

  • The Caregiver’s Challenge: Living, Loving, and Letting Go by Maryann Schacht

Written by a psychotherapist who cared for her own terminally ill husband, this book explores how illnesses can deeply affect family bonds, and details how to keep one’s relationships close throughout difficult times.

Revel in Covey’s Respite Care

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