After School Respite Programs

Our after school respite programs work hard to place and support the right clients in our care: people who can blossom in a high-energy house. To maintain a balanced and supportive environment, we thoroughly screen each potential new client. Covey will evaluate each client’s needs, and put together a plan for how we’ll address them. This helps us not only maintain a safe and supportive home, but it also allows us to have a very high respite success rate.

The Benefits of After School Respite

Colin, a 15-year-old boy, was used to having someone waiting when he got home after school. He’d spend a few hours with a caregiver until his parents came home from work. When Colin’s parents couldn’t find a good long-term caregiver, they took a chance and signed him up for the after school respite program at our Oshkosh respite house.

He had never been anywhere but school and his own home, and was on the shy side.

It took only a couple days for Colin to come to life! He’s making friends, learning how to interact with his peers, and generally thriving. We’re now happy to have Colin in our after school respite program on a regular basis, and his parents are glad to have Covey as a resource