Respite Care Programs: How the Community Benefits

You’re probably familiar with the phrase it takes a village. At Covey, we live by the belief that it takes a whole community to support an individual with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). This community extends beyond immediate family members and caregivers of the individual. It encompasses businesses and local government, and truly every resident of the community. This means that an entire community benefits when an individual with developmental disabilities engages in respite care programs.

In an earlier post, we discussed Respite Care: Emotional, Physical, and Mental Benefits for Clients. Read on to learn how respite care positively impacts the community through economic benefits and enhanced quality of life – for everyone.

Economic Benefits of Respite Care

Respite care is a program that provides caregivers time to work, relax, or recharge while also creating an opportunity for individuals with disabilities to socialize. While caregiving is a responsibility that comes with numerous challenges, we know that family members who care for a loved one with disabilities are prone to suffer from stress-related disorders like heart disease, anxiety, and depression.

Communities may be limited in their resources to meet the specialized needs of these families. Without respite, one or both parents often have to stay home and care for their child. This attributes to less household income, and less spending in the community.

When family caregivers engage with a respite care program, however, one or both parents are often able to return to the workforce. They have better-paying jobs than they would have if they had to stay home or work only part-time, and are higher performers. This rejuvenated employment contributes to a stronger economy.

Business Benefits of Respite Care

Volunteerism is a strong focus on respite care programs. When respite care participants volunteer and regularly interact with the community, it helps break down barriers and promotes inclusion.

It’s through volunteering that businesses can benefit from respite care programs. Respite care participants at Covey help out at local businesses such as playing with the pups at N.E.W. PAWSibilities, tidying up at St. Vincent de Paul, and sharing their time and talents with other area establishments. We are always looking for fresh and exciting opportunities. If you are a Fox Valley business owner who would like to learn more about becoming a volunteer partner with Covey, contact us today!

Life Enrichment Benefits of Respite Care

In referencing the community as a whole, it’s important to remember that individuals with developmental disabilities and their family members are part of the community, too. For caregivers, respite provides relief and the mental, physical, and emotional health benefits that accompany it; it also gives them more free time to work or connect with other family members. Clients in respite care learn practical life skills, make friendships, and ultimately work toward greater independence.

A major part of respite care is engaging with the community. This might be through field trips or volunteering. Through volunteering and regular interaction with people outside of their typical circle, individuals with developmental disabilities are more apt to aspire toward greater inclusion, including seeking employment. When clients achieve higher levels of independence, everyone’s quality of life increases.

Covey’s Commitment to Caring

A respite house provides a happy medium between facility living and clients being at home 24/7. Respite is temporary, lasting anywhere from an hour up to a couple of weeks.

At Covey, we are committed to providing exceptional care and support to our clients, and creating possibilities. We believe that every individual who comes through our doors is capable and worthy of achieving greater independence. Our program is individualized and designed specifically to each client’s comfort level.

To learn more about how you, your loved one, and your community can benefit from our services, connect with us at