Meal Prep Classes for Adults With Disabilities – A Recipe for Success


Meal Prep Classes for Adults With Disabilities

Meal Prep classes are the most well-attended regular class in Covey’s Life Enrichment program. It’s teaching such a valuable skill – and the homework is delicious.

For some people, the idea of cooking can be intimidating. “Meal Prep takes the mystery out of cooking,” said Brittani Feuerhelm, Program Coordinator. “It seems like a really tough thing until you step back and break it into pieces that everyone understands.”

Covey participants start each meal prep class by choosing a recipe. One recent Meal Prep group decided to cook breakfast burritos. The group learned how to shop for the right eggs and cheese, looking for options that were affordable but smart and healthy. Back in the kitchen, participants learned how to cook a breakfast burrito – and some kitchen basics, like how to remove an eggshell that fell into the eggs.

At the end of all Meal Prep classes, everyone walks away with a healthy recipe, new cooking skills, and a tasty dish! Check out our other events and programs.