Kodi Lee: An Inspiring Story of Success, Despite Disability

Kodi Lee is a musical savant. Not only is he a talented singer and pianist, but he also holds extraordinary abilities such as perfect pitch and audio-photographic memory—allowing him to recite any song after just one listen. At only 26 years old, he has performed all around the world with his exquisite musical skills. 

But, he hasn’t gone through life without his fair share of tribulations. Kodi is blind and has autism. 

Born with optic nerve hypoplasia, undergoing life-saving surgery as an infant, and being diagnosed with autism at a young age, Kodi has faced many obstacles in his life due to his disabilities. But his unwavering determination to become a rock star allowed him to overcome the hardships and follow his dreams.

From Bach, to Chopin, to Mozart, Kodi has mastered the classics and literally holds an entire library of music genres in his brain. He proved his skills to the country when he auditioned for America’s Got Talent, where he wowed the judges and brought the audience to tears. Click here to watch his incredibly uplifting performance.

Kodi Lee continues to share his gift, performing all over the globe. Although his autism and blindness have caused obstacles in his life, they haven’t held him back from chasing his dreams. Kodi has inspired a whole generation of people that they have the power to achieve incredible things, despite their disabilities. 

Covey: Cultivating Growth for Adults with Disabilities 

Covey, a nonprofit organization in Wisconsin’s Greater Fox Valley, is devoted to creating opportunities that foster personal growth for adults with disabilities. Kodi Lee has been an incredible inspiration to Covey participants and their families. He truly embodies that you can follow your dreams and do what you love in life, even with disabilities. 

Through our Community-Based Day Services Program, Covey offers the tools to live a life filled with engaging experiences. This program is highly personalized and dedicated to the individual goals of each participant. Whether it’s making music, volunteering in the community, or baking for peers, participants can focus on fostering skills in their own interests and passions—just like Kodi Lee. For more information, visit our website!