Covey’s Volunteer Program for Adults With Disabilities

Our volunteer program not only encourages adults with disabilities to interact with others but it also provides them with opportunities to use their unique skills and talents.

When one of our Respite House caregivers noticed that some of our clients were disengaged with the outings and activities offered at Covey, she thought a volunteer program would be the perfect solution.

With the blessing of her supervisor, she contacted other non-profit organizations and made the necessary arrangements for Covey’s Volunteer Program to become a reality.

One of the greatest benefits of Covey’s Volunteer Program is seeing how our participants open up and build relationships, self-esteem, and confidence. It allows the community to see beyond the disabilities of our participants and instead, experience the talents we have to offer.

Our Volunteer Partners

Through volunteering opportunities, Covey clients are encouraged to socialize and connect with other people. Covey clients from the Eastman Street Adult Respite House volunteer twice per month at the Park View Health Center. There, we decorate Christmas cookies, walk with residents, help plant flowers in the “neighborhoods,” help transport residents to bingo and other activities, and more. One of our Covey clients and a Park View resident share a love of trains and planes, and watch videos together. Some have even found renewed connections after moving away.

Our mission, “Empower people with disabilities and their families to engage with the community”, is so evident in this volunteering program. Our participants are not bystanders—they are contributors! You will always hear that volunteers feel they gain as much as they give—this is true of our clients as well.

St. Vincent de Paul

Every Monday, the Covey Volunteer Program participants drive to their local St. Vincent de Paul and help tidy up. We pull empty hangers from the racks for reuse, straighten shoes and pillows, sort C.D.s, and other duties to keep the place clean and pleasant for thrift shoppers. Among all the hidden treasure, we’ve discovered some of our hidden talents, too! We’re extremely impressed with how effectively our clients are able to complete these tasks independently and they demonstrate pride in what they do. Our clients are proactive, too! One of our volunteer participants, who is very quiet, caught on to these duties so quickly that once he finishes straightening his own section, he jumps right into the next one!

N.E.W. PAWSibilities

Every Wednesday, the Covey Volunteer Program visits N.E.W. PAWSibilities, a shelter helping animals in Northeast Wisconsin. There, we play with the dogs and keep them company while they’re waiting to be adopted. Even clients who were hesitant at first love to play with the pups!

Aurora Medical Center

Our Life Enrichment participants volunteer as well. We gather at Aurora Medical Center once a month to brighten patients’ days by making cards. We will also be adding N.E.W. PAWSibilities to our volunteering schedule starting this month.

Covey’s Volunteer Program

Through volunteering, Covey clients build self-esteem and confidence to become engaged, active, and contributing members of the community. Reach out to Covey and learn how we can help brighten the world together!