Thank You, Brittany and Nathan!

Over the next week we find ourselves saying goodbye to two of our favorite faces at Covey. Brittany Rewolinski, Program Director and Nathan Florek, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator are leaving the Covey nest as they pursue their next adventure.

Nathan takes a group selfie at bowling.

Nathan Florek joined the Covey team in January 2020 as an intern from U.W.-Oshkosh, and we found out immediately how talented, dedicated, and passionate of an individual he is. As an intern and eventual employee, Nathan grew Covey’s social media presence and attracted many individuals to Covey. Nathan’s posts on Facebook and LinkedIn increased community awareness about the important work Covey does, and his endless research ensured Covey’s blog posts were both informative and relevant. Most of all, Nathan brought his heart to Covey. He cares deeply for our participants and seized every opportunity to spend time with them.

Congratulations on your graduation from U.W.-Oshkosh, Nathan. We wish you all the best as you embark on your career and sincerely thank you for all you’ve done for Covey. We will miss you.

Brittany Rewolinski has been a valuable part of the Covey team since November 2015. Brittany came to Covey as a Program Coordinator and took every opportunity to learn and grow as she advanced to her current role as Program Director. Brittany’s true concern for our participants and staff is evident in everything she does. Brittany has brought much neBrittany being kissed on the forehead by a client.eded stability and quality to our care and community-based programs. She understands the unique needs of each participant and works closely with the direct care team to determine plans to meet their participants’ needs. Brittany does a great job of supporting her team to allow them to provide outstanding service to our participants and their families.

We would like to congratulate Brittany on her new position as a Regional Director for another organization. We know her outstanding team building skills and sincere concern for everyone she serves will allow her to be successful in her new role.

Thank you for an incredible five and a half years of service to Covey and those we serve, Brittany. You have faced and conquered every challenge that has been thrown your way. Covey is a better place because of you, and we will do our best to honor the work you’ve accomplished by building upon it and maintaining the high standards you have set. We will miss you more than you can imagine but certainly wish you all the best in your new role. They are so lucky to have you!