Covey Connects: Volunteer Opportunities

Benefits of Volunteering

If you’ve ever been a volunteer before, you’ve no doubt felt the lasting impacts of your efforts. It makes you happy, for one thing. Yes, doing things to help others is proven to make us feel happy. On the other hand, you’re also making a difference in the world.

At Covey, we love being a volunteer!  From tidying up at our local St. Vincent de Paul to playing with the pups at N.E.W. PAWSibilities and more, we are passionate about engaging with our community. Volunteering encourages Covey participants to interact, learn skills critical to social development, and demonstrate their unique talents.

Volunteering is a positive experience with full-circle benefits. When you volunteer, you’re making a positive contribution to the community, individuals in need, and yourself, too!

6 Benefits of Volunteering

  1. Reduce stress
  2. Provide a sense of purpose
  3. Combat depression with social connection
  4. Increase confidence
  5. Help you stay physically healthy
  6. Teach you valuable skills

Volunteer With Covey

Now that our Covey Connects program has taken flight, we are avidly seeking volunteers for both our Adult Day Services and Life Enrichment programs. If you are a subject matter expert interested in teaching one of our Covey Connects programs, please connect with us! Experts with whom we would love to connect include (but certainly not limited to):

17 Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Gardeners
  2. Scrapbookers
  3. Musicians (or music therapists)
  4. Outdoorsmen (specifically fishermen)
  5. Certified yoga instructors
  6. Artist (or art therapist)
  7. Avid gamers
  8. Meditation instructors
  9. Chefs
  10. Professional bakers
  11. Web designers
  12. Knitters/crocheters
  13. Essential oils expert
  14. Photographers
  15. Makers of jewelry, soap, candles, etc.
  16. Florists
  17. Woodworkers

Join Covey as a Volunteer

Our volunteers are invited to teach a one-time class up to an entire 4 to 6-week course. All classes can be taught from your home and should involve materials that are affordable and accessible to participants. If you have never taught a class before, no worries! Our staff will help you plan and prep. They will also attend all sessions to help facilitate.

By volunteering to be a Covey Connects instructor, you will greatly impact the lives of individuals who are truly isolated due to disabilities and limited connections. To become a volunteer, please check out our Volunteer Opportunities page.