Covey Blog: What does it mean to be a part-time caregiver?

Caregiver: a person who provides care and attends to the needs of an individual, specifically those with disabilities.


Caregiving at any level is a crucial role for those who are unable to live completely independently. Although the expression ‘part-time caregiver’ may seem straightforward, this responsibility looks different for every individual. 


At Covey, our part-time caregivers are committed to creating opportunities that foster personal growth for our participants. Our care is customized to each individual. We work carefully and creatively with our participants to determine what environment and activities are best for their needs. Across all of our positions, our organization has the mission to support and uplift every member of our community to let our participants truly grow their wings. Let’s take a look at what it means to be a part-time caregiver within the Covey community.

  • Support and Care


When it comes to part-time caregiving, the responsibility of supporting and caring for an individual is just as important as that of a full-time caregiver. In this position, it’s essential to provide customized care that each individual requires to live a fulfilling day-to-day life. Understanding one’s physical and emotional needs, and finding the right strategies to attend to those needs, is the most valuable aspect of this role. 


At Covey, each participant is unique to our community. It is of the utmost importance that we find the right person to provide care and support, even if it’s not a full-time commitment. 

  • Roles and Rewards


Part-time caregivers commit to the role of aiding in the health and care of another individual. Although this comes with some challenges, the fulfillment and purpose that each caregiver is rewarded with outweigh the struggles that come along the way. Seeing personal growth in individuals that you help contribute to is one of the greatest joys a caregiver can experience. 


From the day-to-day respite care Covey provides, to the fun, community-based events we host, we are committed to creating a positive environment for all individuals to thrive in—and we have our caregivers to thank for that.

  • Commitment and Balance


As part-time positions typically require around 10-25 hours per week, part-time caregivers can fulfill other life responsibilities while also holding an impactful role. The flexibility within a part-time position allows individuals to create a sustainable life balance between their schedules. A part-time caregiver position may be ideal for college students, medical students, retired adults, or anyone else looking for a fulfilling, part-time job. In a position of caregiving, the experience and life skills learned can extend far beyond a care facility. 


Join Covey’s Culture of Caring


By embracing Covey’s core values of inclusion, integrity, individuality, and imagination, part-time caregiving exemplifies the impact individuals can make when brought together by a common purpose. 


Covey is reliant on our outstandingly dedicated caregivers, volunteers, and staff that help our community thrive. If you’re seeking a rewarding, enlightening position, look into becoming a part-time caregiver today! 

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