Community-Based Life Enrichment


Life Enrichment for Adults With Disabilities

Covey’s Life Enrichment program is more involved in the Oshkosh community than ever before! It’s our goal to help clients be comfortable within the community, as well as encourage the community to be inclusive. To accomplish that, we’ve been building some strong local partnerships.

Our Community Partners

  1. First Congregational Church: F.C.C. has given Covey a great space to host our cooking and healthy living life enrichment program. They’re working with us to make the space easily accessible and comfortable for clients. With access to a full kitchen, we’re able to lead food prep classes that cover everything from eating a balanced diet to making a delicious lunch.
  2. Oshkosh Y.M.C.A.: We’re moving many Covey health and wellness life enrichment programs to the Y.M.C.A.. The Y staff is helping us lead programs, which means even more participants will be able to attend. The programs will change regularly based on participant feedback, but water fitness is very popular right now.
  3. Oshkosh Rhythm Institute: Covey has hosted our drum circles at Oshkosh Rhythm Institute for the past year. The crew there leads creative exploration that participants usually aren’t able to do without support. Everyone is able to independently express him or herself. It’s one of our most successful partnerships to date!