Cerebral Palsy of Mideast Wisconsin is Now Covey


What is Covey?

Switching Cerebral Palsy of Mideast Wisconsin to Covey was nearly a year in the making. It took us months of research and reflection to land a look that was perfect for us.

Cerebral Palsy of Mideast Wisconsin has a rich history in the community, but our organization was ready to grow. Now, we’ll be able to have more potential clients and caregivers consider Covey.

“The name Covey better represents who we serve and why,” said Pam Schutz, our Executive Director.

“We feel our new name signifies our focus on serving a broader community,” she added.

The Covey Community

The word “covey” means “group” or “community.” You already know Covey promotes a strong and inclusive community, and now our name reflects our work. From bringing clients together to providing support for caregivers, Covey has community at the heart of everything we do!