Our Camp for Covey Kids is a Great Summer Adventure


Covey Summer Camp

Our summer camp for Covey kids is perfect for school-age children with special needs.

“Covey parents were looking for a summer camp environment that offers all the staff support a child needs to be successful,” said Pam Schutz, our Executive Director. “It was a great opportunity for us to design a brand-new program.”

This camp for Covey kids brings participants into the community – we’re splashing around at the Y, playing sports in the park, and of course, going on amazing field trips. Covey Kids program leaders also help develop motor skills and guide emotional-social growth. The program’s staff to camper ratio is 1:5, so we’re able to understand individual needs.

Covey Kids meets our participants where they’re at to make individual progress – and we’re having an absolute blast! Covey Kids runs through August 30 for day campers age 7-18.